LISTERINE® Teeth & Gum Defence

LISTERINE® Teeth & Gum Defence is specially formulated to strengthen tooth enamel and protect against decay. It is also proven to prevent and reduce plaque – a major cause of gum disease - providing protection for healthy teeth & gums.

Used twice a day LISTERINE® Teeth & Gum Defence is proven to:

  • 1. Kill germs
    Kills up to 97% of germs left behind after brushing.
  • 2. Reduce plaque
    Reduces plaque by up to 56% more than brushing alone.
  • 3. Keep your breath fresh
    Provides up to 24 hours of fresh breath protection.
  • 4. Maintain healthy gums
    Kills germs above and below the gum line to keep gums healthy.
  • 5. Strengthen teeth
    Strengthens tooth enamel to protect against decay.
Power to your mouth

Power to your mouth

Your mouth is incredible. Just think about it, you do so much with it, and more importantly, to it, all day – every day.

Health Gums

Healthy Gums

Maintaining healthy gums is vital for ensuring the perfect smile find out more.