What is the LISTERINE® 21 Day Challenge?

Try using LISTERINE® Total Care or Total Care Zero twice a day for 21 days, and if you don't love the transformation in how your mouth feels, we'll give you your money back!

What do we mean by transforming how your mouth feels?

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Here's how to take the LISTERINE® 21 Day Challenge

Pick the LISTERINE® Total Care mouthwash that suits you best. LISTERINE® Total Care is our most advanced and complete Listerine mouthwash. Total Care Zero has no alcohol therefore is less intense and has a milder taste.

Use your chosen LISTERINE® Total Care mouthwash to clean your mouth beyond brushing, morning and evening for 21 days. By adding LISTERINE® Total Care into your oral care routine, we think you'll love the transformation in how your mouth feels.

Benefits of Mouthwash

Benefits of Mouthwash

Dr. James Russell looks at the important role a mouthwash plays in your oral care routine.

LISTERINE<sup>®</sup> Total Care


The most advanced and complete multi-benefit LISTERINE® mouthwash available with 6 benefits for total oral health.

Mouthwash tips

Mouthwash tips

Keep your LISTERINE® in a visible place (out of reach of children) in your bathroom to remind yourself to use it twice a day. Count to 30 while rinsing to give your whole mouth that clean, fresh feeling.

Why twice a day?

In order to get the full benefits from your chosen LISTERINE® Total Care mouthwash, use it twice a day for a deep clean and up to 24 hour fresh breath protection.

Why 21 days?

New habits are formed through repetition, and by using LISTERINE® morning and evening for 21 days, you will use the mouthwash over 40 times, after which mouthwash may become a regular part of your daily oral care routine.

If you've taken the 21 Day Challenge and didn't love the transformation in how your mouth feels, get your money back: Download form View T&C's

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