What is the LISTERINE® 21 Day Challenge?

Try using LISTERINE® Total Care twice a day for 21 days, and if you don’t love how clean your mouth feels, we’ll give you your money back.

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Here’s how to take the LISTERINE® 21 Day Challenge

Pick the LISTERINE® Total Care mouthwash that suits you best. LISTERINE® Total Care is our most advanced multi-benefit mouthwash, Total Care Sensitive protects against sensitive teeth, Total Care Enamel Guard strengthens tooth enamel and Total Care Zero has a milder taste and no alcohol. You will need 2 500ml bottles to take you through the 21 days of the Challenge.

Use your chosen LISTERINE® Total Care mouthwash to clean your whole mouth after brushing and flossing, morning and evening for 21 days. Improve your oral care routine by adding LISTERINE® Total Care mouthwash, and we think you'll love how clean your mouth feels, with 24 hour a day protection against plaque and bad breath.


  • Be amazed by the results

  • Less germs
  • Less plaque
  • Fresh breath
  • Healthy gums
  • Naturally white teeth*
  • Stronger enamel

* Only LISTERINE® Total Care, LISTERINE® Total Care Zero, LISTERINE® Total Care Enamel Guard

Don’t think your mouth feels cleaner after 21 days? Get your money back Download form View T&C’s

Why twice a day?

LISTERINE® Total Care helps to protect your mouth throughout the day and night. Freshen your breath and clean your mouth in the morning, and stop the spread of bacteria at night while you’re asleep.

Why 21 days?

New habits are formed through repetition, and by using Listerine for 21 days you will use mouthwash over 40 times at morning and night, after which mouthwash may become a regular part of your daily oral care routine.

Top tips for a good oral care routine

Brushing tips

Picture of a girl brushing her teeth.

You brush best when you begin, so start in a different part of your mouth each time to be sure every area gets attention. Brush for at least 2 minutes, and replace your toothbrush often to keep germs at bay.

Mouthwash tips

Picture of a girl using a mouthwash.

Keep your LISTERINE® in a visible place (out of reach of children) in your bathroom to remind yourself to use it twice a day. Count to 30 while rinsing to give your whole mouth that clean, fresh feeling.

Go sugar-free

Picture of a man eating an apple.

If you want to snack, try to avoid sugary foods. Hard fibrous fruits like apples help to polish your teeth, while cheese and sugar-free gum can reduce acidity in your mouth and protect against decay.

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Don’t think your mouth feels cleaner after 21 days? Get your money back Download form View T&C’s