Listerine story

The Listerine Story

The original formula for LISTERINE® is discovered by Dr Lawrence as an effective antiseptic for use in surgical procedures.

Dr Lawrence transferred ownership of the Listerine formula to Lambert, who established the Lambert Pharmaceutical Co. to manufacture and market Listerine.

Listerine was marketed to dentists after studies showed that it was also good for killing germs found in the mouth.

Listerine became the first prescription product in the US to also be sold over the counter, as a product to kill oral germs.

Listerine coins the term ‘halitosis’ to describe bad breath and sales take off.

Listerine was introduced into the UK as an antiseptic medicine to reduce bad breath.

Clifford the Dragon makes his animated TV debut, wooing damsels with his Listerine fresh breath.

The tooth fairy commercial aired, starring Keith Allen. Allen played a disgruntled tooth fairy made redundant as a result of Listerine.

A powerful new message is added to Listerine packaging, stating that Listerine reduces plaque by up to 56% more than brushing alone.

2007 – 2011
Listerine Total Care products win four Oral Care Product of the Year awards in just five years.

Listerine launches its YouTube channel with the Mouth vs Life digital campaign & Listerine’s alcohol free less intense range launches.

Listerine’s first adult alcohol-free mouthwash wins the brand’s fifth Oral Care Product of the Year award.