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Do I still need LISTERINE® even if I don’t suffer from bad breath?

Bad breath is only one symptom of poor oral hygiene. Just because you don’t suffer from bad breath, doesn’t necessarily mean your mouth is at its healthiest it can be. Brushing just your teeth only targets 25% of your mouth*, LISTERINE® targets virtually 100%.

*From study representing teeth surface area measurements

Can LISTERINE® help prevent staining?

Tooth staining can arise if you smoke or if you eat or drink certain things, and it's more likely to happen as you age. LISTERINE® Advanced White is proven to lift and prevent tough stains so you can have whiter teeth in just 2 weeks. LISTERINE® Advanced White has a unique multi action formula.

Do all LISTERINE® mouthwashes contain alcohol?

No, LISTERINE® Zero use the same 4 essential oils formula used in other LISTERINE® mouthwashes, but without the alcohol, to give a deep clean with a less intense taste. And for those who seek total oral health with a milder taste, LISTERINE® Total Care ZERO™ offers 6 key oral care benefits without the use of alcohol.

How should I use LISTERINE®?

LISTERINE® is especially effective when used morning and evening after brushing your teeth. The routine that we suggest is brush, use floss or interdental brushes and then rinse with mouthwash. Please check the back of the pack for specific directions for use.

Is LISTERINE® suitable for children?

LISTERINE® Smart Rinse is a specially formulated alcohol-free mouthwash for children aged 6 years+. It comes in 2 flavours – Mild Berry & Mild Mint – and is even sugar-free! See the LISTERINE® Smart Rinse product page for more information.

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