Read all about Donkey’s at home routine, travels from Scotland and his journey to becoming our friendly neighbourhood hero.

First of all, how did a donkey end up in Scotland?

My family moved here a long time ago for the fresh air, highland grazing and cleanest spring water around. Ooooh, it’s fresh as a donkey! It was my family’s healthy living that first got me interested in oral hygiene.

How do you keep those teeth so healthy?

Well I’ll tell you what I don’t do - stop after brushing! Brushing only targets a quarter of your mouth*, so I always follow up with 30 seconds of swishing LISTERINE® Total Care 10 in 1. LISTERINE® helps kill 97% of the plaque and bad breath-causing germs that are left after brushing. Now that’s how you give plaque a kick every morning and night!

Tell us more about your morning routine?

Well, I’m a pretty early riser. I like to get up and take quick canter around the hills before breakfast and water at the trough. Then it’s time for my favourite part of the day, brushing my teeth and giving LISTERINE® a swish to complete the clean. After that, boy I’m ready to go! Off spreading the word about good oral hygiene.

How did you come to work with LISTERINE®?

Not to brag, but I’ve always had good teeth. With a mouth as healthy as mine, it wasn’t long before LISTERINE® got in touch to make me the new face of their brand.

What is your mission?

I’m a donkey who loves cleanliness, there’s nothing more inspiring than the happy smiles of healthy mouths! Adding LISTERINE® helps clean your teeth five times better than brushing alone, but not everybody knows this. So, when I see someone about to stop after brushing, I pop up and tell them they ain’t finished yet! Until I’ve helped the world complete the clean with LISTERINE®, I won’t be finished yet either.

Is there a Mrs Donkey?

Aha, you cheeky devil! Well I might have been round the mountain a few times, with teeth like mine you get a wee bit of attention. But right now LISTERINE® is the love of my life.

We’ve been wondering, just how do you get inside people’s bathrooms?

I have a 6th sense, I can just tell when someone is about to stop after brushing. Then I sort of just wander in, though it helps if they have a donkey flap I can squeeze through. It gives them quite a surprise!

What’s your favourite food?

I’m more than partial to a fine bowl of Scottish oats. I like to leave them over night soaking in a bit of fresh, highland water with a few berries and pinch of salt, just like granny used to. I like to keep it natural, the less sugar the better! I also like to chew on a crunchy carrot every now and then, it’s good for the jaw muscles.

What things do you always keep in your stable?

Number one is my LISTERINE® Total Care of course, got to have the swish day and night. I’ve also got my toothbrush and mirror, so I can check on my pearly whites when I wake up and go to bed.

Any final words of wisdom before you go?

Oh aye, many. Beauty is only skin deep, but they say a smile can be the first thing you see on a person. Keeping mine in good nick is what’s brought me here today. So whatever life throws at you, give it a swish and complete the clean with LISTERINE®.

*from study representing teeth surface area measurements*