Best and Worst Foods for Gum Health

Last Updated December 2021

Routine brushing, flossing and rinsing keeps your mouth in good health. And while you have these powerful weapons in your bacteria-fighting arsenal, you could always use reinforcement. Below you can see which sugary sweets and harsh acidic foods to take note of in your diet and which foods are good for your gums.


#1: Ice Cream

This frozen treat may harm gums, especially those that are already vulnerable. In general, the added sugars in most sweets are bad news for your gums, because the sugars can increase the formation of harmful bacteria in the mouth

#2: Tomatoes

As healthy as a tomato is in many regards, the juicy fruit is also highly acidic. Eating such foods can increase the acid in the mouth to damage gums and promotes tooth decay. When enjoying this juicy fruit, try to pair with other acid-neutralising foods like spinach, carrots and broccoli.

#3: Oranges

Citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes are acidic and high in natural fruit sugar, which can damage gums and erode teeth.


#1: Ginger

With its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger may protect healthy tissue in your mouth, and is a great way to add flavour!

#2: Apples

Eating an apple can take a while. And that’s a good thing for your mouth. The munching action spurs a cleansing action that shakes up the plaque that clings to gums and teeth.

#3: Onions

The raw onion is a potent bacteria-fighting food. Yes, bad breath is the enemy, but that's why mouthwash was created! Onions have an antimicrobial ingredient that kills bacteria, which may help to prevent gum disease.