Gums Disease - Facts vs Myths

Last Updated December 2021

MYTH: It’s rare to get

BUSTED! If you’re concerned about possible gum issues, you’re not alone. Millions of adults have some type of gum disease, yet many of us are unaware. You may find it surprising that one in two adults in the UK has some type of gum disease, whether it’s at a mild, moderate or severe stage.

MYTH: Gum Disease is just one condition

BUSTED! The term gum disease, or, in more medical terms, periodontitis, does not just refer to one condition, symptom or treatment. It refers to a whole series of symptoms and stages, from mild symptoms of red and swollen gums, and more obvious signals like bleeding gums, to more serious issues like periodontitis, where gums recede and pockets form. If ignored, the situation can result in more serious damage that destroys gums and tissue.

MYTH: Once you have it, it’s unalterable

BUSTED! The good news is that this progression, from the milder symptoms of irritated, inflamed gums to the more serious formation of pockets, doesn’t happen overnight, and at each new stage of progression there is a chance to improve your gum health and protect and preserve your teeth.

MYTH: You should just leave it until it gets serious

BUSTED! The more aware you are of the earliest signs of gum troubles, the sooner you can address them and improve your oral health regimen to get back to a healthier, fresher mouth. If your gums are bleeding and you continue to ignore the signs, eventually gum disease can have serious consequences, such as losing your teeth.


FACT: Saliva Saves Your Mouth

Think of saliva as a climate-control system, powerful food dissolver and all-around digestive aid. Saliva contains powerful compounds that dissolve food as you eat and ensures that food is easily digested.

FACT: Saliva Protects Gums from Bacteria

Saliva’s tooth-fortifying, germ-minimising proteins and minerals lower the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. It also combats bad breath by keeping away bacteria.

FACT: Saliva Secures Dentures

Aging is not without its challenges. But there’s one less challenge, thanks to your mouth. Saliva keeps false teeth nestled securely in place, so we don’t have to worry as much about denture-related mishaps as we age.

FACT: Saliva Prevents Dry Mouth

While it’s more typical when we’re older, dry mouth can also be caused by certain medications, chronic conditions like diabetes, stress, smoking or even dehydration.

Keeping saliva flowing is an essential part of keeping your gums and teeth healthy. When your mouth is feeling dry, you can quickly produce saliva by chewing sugarless gum, eating something or drinking water; and, if taking any medications where dry mouth is a side effect, consult your doctor about ways to lessen its effects or possibly switching prescriptions.