LISTERINE® Professional Clean

We all know how important it is to follow a good oral care routine to look after your teeth, which is why we are offering LISTERINE® customers up to £50 cashback for a Professional Clean. Find out more below



Ensure you keep the unique codes on the neck hangers and your receipt(s) showing purchase of both promotional bottles of LISTERINE® as you will need these later!


7-90 days after the purchase of the second bottle. Make sure you get an invoice from the dental practice to clearly show the treatment carried out and the price paid


  • 2x unique codes
  • Till receipt for 2x promotional bottles of LISTERINE®
  • Invoice for a scale and polish treatment



Open to UK (excluding NI) residents aged 18+ only. Promotion runs until the earlier of 90 days after purchase and 31 December 2019. Whilst stocks last. Buy any two promotional packs of LISTERINE® from eligible ranges in participating Tesco stores (instore only) and CLAIM CASHBACK ON A SCALE AND POLISH WITH A HYGIENIST, UP TO THE VALUE OF £50. Claim your cashback following the hygienist appointment by submitting proof of purchase for the two promotional packs of LISTERINE®, the unique code from each promotional pack (see neck hanger), your invoice for the scale and polish and your name and address via e-mail to [email protected]. Internet access is required. Cashback cannot be redeemed against any other treatment. Only one redemption per household. Long Ts and CS here.


What is a professional clean?

To be eligible to redeem the claim, you must have a PMPR (professional mechanical plaque removal), normally referred to as a “Scale & Polish” with a hygienist. The offer cannot be exchanged for another treatment.

Can I go to any dental practice?

You can visit any dental practice to receive your Scale and Polish, as long as your appointment is 7-90 days after purchasing the two promotional LISTERINE® bottles and you keep the receipts of purchase for both promotional LISTERINE® products and the invoice from the appointment.

When does the promotion run?

Promotional bottles will be available in participating Tesco stores (in store only) in the UK (excluding NI) from 3rd July 2019You will have 90 days following your second LISTERINE® purchase to redeem the offer. The promotion will close on 31st December 2019.

How many bottles do I need?

You will need to purchase 2 promotional bottles to be eligible to redeem your cashback. The bottles will have a neck hanger on them.

Which products are eligible?

Products included in the promotion are LISTERINE® Total Care 500ml, LISTERINE® Total Care Milder Taste 500ml, LISTERINE® Stay White 500ml and LISTERINE® Teeth and Gum Defence 500ml. To be eligible, the bottles must have a promotional neck hanger on them.

Can I redeem against a different treatment?

No, cashback can only be redeemed against a Scale and Polish and up to a value of £50. If your Scale and Polish costs less than £50 the remaining money cannot be claimed. The Scale and Polish treatment carried out must be clearly shown on the invoice from the dental practice. If more than 1 treatment is provided during the appointment, the invoice must be itemised to show the cost relating to the Scale and Polish.

Can I just have the money?

Unfortunately no, cashback will only be provided with proof the Scale and Polish has been carried out and paid for.

What if my treatment costs more than £50?

If your treatment costs more than £50, you will be able to redeem £50 towards the cost of your appointment.

What if my treatment costs less than £50?

If the treatment costs less than £50, you will be able to redeem the full value of your appointment only. The remaining money cannot be claimed in respect of another treatment or given as cash.

How long do I have to redeem the offer?

You will be able to redeem the offer for up to 90 days after your 2nd LISTERINE® purchase, but in any case no later than 31 December 2019. The offer is limited to a Scale and Polish treatment carried between 7 and 90 days after your 2nd LISTERINE® purchase. Claims outside this period will not qualify for the promotion.

How many times can I receive the offer?

Just once as the offer is limited to 1 per household.

Can someone else in my household redeem?

The offer is limited to 1 per household.

What if I can't find another promo bottle?

Unfortunately, a condition of the promotion is purchasing two promotional bottles. We expect promotional bottles to be in participating Tesco stores until approximately 13th August, so if you are struggling to find the promotional bottles, we would advise checking other Tesco stores (excluding Tesco Extra and Tesco Express) if you would like to participate.

Why is my normal LISTERINE® product not included in this promotion?

Only certain products in the LISTERINE® range are included in this promotion.

Where can I buy promotional bottles?

Promotional bottles will be available in participating Tesco stores (in store only) in the UK (excluding NI). Promotional bottles will not be available in Tesco Extra or Tesco Express stores.

What if I've lost the receipt?

To be eligible for the promotion, proof of purchase must be provided. We suggest you take a photograph of your receipt/s at soon as you purchase to ensure you do not misplace it.

What if I've lost the promo code?

To be eligible for the promotion you must provide the 2 unique promo codes found on the promotional bottle neck hangers. We suggest you take a photograph of the codes at soon as you purchase them to ensure you do not misplace them.

Does this Scale & Polish count as my regular check up?

No, this cannot replace a regular dental check up.

What is a hygienist?

A hygienist is a qualified dental professional who provides oral health care in dental practices

What does a Scale and Polish feel like?

You may feel some unusual sensations in your mouth during the Scale and Polish. If you are nervous about the treatment, let the dental practice know when you book your appointment and ask that they inform your hygienist.

I've never been to the hygienist before, should I?

It doesn’t matter how well you brush your teeth, there are some areas that your toothbrush simply cannot reach. A Scale & Polish treatment will remove any plaque and tartar on your teeth, leaving your teeth looking and feeling cleaner.

How often should I go to the hygienist?

Ideally a visit at least every 6 months is advised for maintenance of gum health.

I'm scared of the dentist

If you are scared of going to the dentist, tell your dental practitioner. They will be able to offer techniques to help you relax and feel at ease. You could also ask a friend to go with you.